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alex cordobe, alternate history, anchovies, architecture in helsinki, arthur conan doyle, atelier bow wow, aubrey beardsley, ballads, bernd and hilla becher, bitpop, boston, brewing, brigadier gerard, bushwalking, c.s. forester, castle falkenstein, cat and girl, clarke and dawe, cookie thievery, david foster wallace, discordianism, donald knuth, doonesbury, douglas adams, douglas hofstadter, due south, einstürzende neubauten, electronica, etymology, flodge, folk, frencham smith, functional art, godspeed you! black emperor, grandiose statements, hank scorpio, harp hotel, hepsters union 347 local, highmark taipans, hill street blues, hoagies, hops, hunter s. thompson, iain banks, iain m. banks, industrial art, industrial music, invader zim, iron chef, j. r. r. tolkien, james joyce, jhonen vasquez, jigzag, johann sebastian bach, john brunner, jonathan coulton, libraries, linux, martinis, medieval studies, middle english, monkey magic, moomins, neal stephenson, old book smell, old school burberry, oscar wilde, oxford english dictionary, pickled onions, puppetry, python, quote games, quotes, raymond chandler, rock climbing, roleplaying, russian caravan, sashimi, sca, scarygoround, sherlock holmes, shostakovich, sigur rós, stainless steel rat, stanley kubrick, steampunk, steeleye span, su fo eno, sutekh, swmbo, sydney university, talhoffer, talisker, tcp/ip, the bobs, the goon show, the invisibles, the joy of communism, the mountain goats, the pixies, the thing what squeaks, the west wing, thomas pynchon, tim powers, trogdor, tucson, unicode, unionism, unix, vanilla, victoriana, wales, warren ellis, weasels, william shakespeare, woodworking, ye jap gou, yum cha, zombies


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